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Friday, November 1, 2013

Echoes of Yesterday (A Poem)


This is a poem that I recently added to The Midnight Manifesto. It is one poem of many in the book that tries to put the manic thoughts and feelings associated with suffering from insomnia into words. It is a short poem but it is by design as all of my poems are fairly short.

Leaning against the wall
Staring outside the window
Letting the eerie darkness hide all the memories of the day before
Comfort is best achieved
When things are still
Silence has its own unique sound
As the darkness gets thicker the delirium sets in
The churn of racing thoughts grinds to a halt
After the silence breaks
Things change
Everything changes colors
The light reveals
Brash but never boastful
Crass but never crude
The slate is wiped clean
As the echoes of yesterday bid adieu


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