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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Get to the Part About the Art


I've mentioned doing art and I may have even mentioned posting some of my art on Tumblr. Why not share a little bit more of that here.

Primarily I work in Apophysis. It is a free fractal generating program found through a simple Google search that uses math formulas to generate designs. Now I'm no math whiz. To be honest I have an aversion to math. But one does not need to learn math to use the program. However if one desires to make more complicated designs then that does take more than just random trial and error around in the program.

I came across Apophysis for the first time months ago after viewing a Photoshop tutorial that explained how one could make their own fractals to import into their work. The fractal in the tutorial was just simple swirls and things that looked cool as a background image but when I began to so my own search I was blown away by the type of things people were making with this one little program. I fell in love with it immediately and I jumped right into it. However I was dismayed that my tinkering only garnered those same simple swirls that I once wanted to do but felt underwhelmed with doing once I learned the capabilities of the program.

That's when I did more searching and happened upon the Apophysis community on deviantART. There I learned that most of the users there had been using Apophysis for years (Yeah I came on late. Not too many people still use it these days but I still love it). There were so many different variations of the program and many of them yield different results. For example there's Apophysis 2.09 (the most recent base version and the one that I do most of my work in), Apophysis 2.08 3D Hack (It is an older, unofficial version that lets users make 3D designs) and Apophysis 7X (The most recent and popular version since it sports a slightly cleaner interface, offers vivid and sharper image renders, has the most popular plugins incorporated into the program and allows for 3D design creation. I have it but I have my reasons for not using it more).

It was at deviantART where I learned about the many many nuances of the program (including plugins, flamepacks and gradients) and there were tons of great artists and massively helpful tutorials there. I am admittedly still new to the program but the more I learned from those tutorials, the better I felt like I got. I don't have an account there and I don't know if I will make one but I will at least use this blog to begin to thank some of those artists for their great tutorials and contributions. It was because of them that someone like me can pick up using a program and in 6 short months begin to make the art that I've always wanted to learn how to make.

This post is dedicated to TyrantWave (for the flamepack I used to get the the parameters for the design in this post) and SaTaNiA for the writing the tutorial for the base design (Note: This design is the work of some tweaks, different plugins than what was used in the tutorial and the flamepack and the outside use of Photoshop to get the full design in its completed glory).


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