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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Monarch & Fall of the Elders Release Date

I'm starting off the new year with not one, but two announcements. I'm releasing some new books in  a few weeks.

How soon? How about January 23rd? I know that's a little under three weeks away. That is not a lot of time to get a lot of stuff done, so you may notice a few tweaks going on behind the scenes, but rest assured, most of my time this month will go to getting these books ready.

Let's talk about the books. Monarch is the fifth entry to the Lost Stories series. I would still consider it to be a short story, but it is longer than every other book in the series so far. It follows the life of Yousef, the fifth Elder of Cerebes.

What's the deal with Fall of the Elders? Well, it is exactly what the title suggests. It is not necessarily a new project. It is merely a compilation of The Lost Stories series so far. I have chosen to go this route because while it is not obvious now, this is part of a much larger plan to keep the series organized. This is just the end of the first section. The era of The Elders is now complete and this is a good place to stop and begin phase two of this series and the In Search of Infinity series. The book is coming now because I have completed Monarch, the final piece, and I have no good reason to delay something that I was already planning to do.

Here's where I have to get a little technical. Both books are going to be released on the same day. Monarch is going to join the other four short stories in wide release and it will be at the same $0.99 price point as most of the other stories (Ubiquitous Aspirations will remain permanently free). Fall of the Elders will be released only on Amazon. That means it will be free to read with a Kindle Unlimited subscription, or you can purchase it outright for $2.99. I have done this before with The MINDS series and I'm choosing to do it here too.

That's all for now. Feel free to follow me on any of my social media accounts. Also, follow me on Booksprout to be one of the first to know when the books go live.


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