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Sunday, June 11, 2017

June 2017 News and Notes

It's been nearly a year since I've written one of these. I'm not bringing it back as a monthly series, but I felt I had some things to say that could be consolidated in one post

  • If you haven't noticed already, I've been making some changes. The biggest change of course is that I have redone my cover for Prisoner of Castigation. I have wanted to make a new cover for months and I finally got my inspiration and put together this new cover just a few days ago. I like this new cover and I feel like it better fits the dark crime fiction theme of the book.
  • I have also made a very subtle change to my Living Through the Glass cover. (Honestly, I just made my name bigger. I want the covers in the series to have similar layouts). I also ended up making my cover for Destiny of Darkness (Book #3) while I worked on these two covers. I'm not yet sure when I will reveal that cover.
  • I am in the process of slowly removing most of my titles from Kindle Unlimited. To date, I have removed The five individual books of The MINDS series and all five are in wide release. I will also be removing my four short stories from Kindle Unlimited as well and they will return (or in the case of Without Mercy, Forsaken Soul and the upcoming story Monarch) or debut in wide release throughout the summer. Is there a method to this madness? Yes. More on that below.
  • The Lost Stories series is getting an omnibus. I have a title, but I am still in the development stages of preparing a cover. I will release it sometime after I finally get around to publishing Monarch (It's coming together! I promise!). My strategy with the books is to mimic what I am doing with The MINDS series. Book 1 (Ubiquitous Aspirations) will become permanently free, the other 4 books will go wide and the omnibus will be in Kindle Unlimited. I am also keeping my two In Search of Infinity series novels in Kindle Unlimited .
  • Did I forget to mention? The Midnight Manifesto is free. Yes, free. Everywhere! I just made that change over the last week. Like Lost Sunshine, I will work on getting it up on my Wattpad page (Along with Ubiquitous Aspirations).
  • I haven't neglected my book reviews. I've been squeezing in some reading and I will have my next installment ready for next month (I'm setting myself up to do a ton of work in July. No backyard barbecues for me).

That was a lot of stuff. I've been working behind the scenes. That's how I operate. That's all for now, but as always, follow me on my social media pages, particularly Instagram and Twitter because I love posting my art and previews of my books there. Also like my author page on Facebook and follow me on Book Sprout to get news about new releases and promos. I may end up running a couple of those over the summer.


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