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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Books and Breaks


I had to take a little time to step away from everything for a moment. I am back and feeling much more refreshed. As a result of that break I now have what seems like a laundry list of things to do. Most of those things are merely personal behind-the-scenes things but some things will appear a little more obvious in the coming days and weeks when I am able to get around to doing them. I do want to address the subject of my books.
As I have mentioned many times before, I have three books available for sale (In Search of Infinity: Living Through the Glass, The Midnight Manifesto and The Dawn Dossier). It is my hope that I will be able to publish three to four more books by the end of the year (though at the moment I am really aiming for a late spring/early summer release for at least two of them). I do have working titles for all four of those books.

The first is book 2 of the In Search of Infinity series and right now I am leaning towards the name of the book being Prisoner of Castigation. That is the title I have come up with but I may change it as I get closer to the release date. The other 3 books are the final follow-up books to The Midnight Manifesto and The Dawn Dossier. Those titles will be The Inevitable Intermission, The Noon Notices and The Sunset Script. Two of those books will likely be released around the same time simply because the fourth book (The Noon Notices) is near completion at this time but will not be published until after the third one (The Inevitable Intermission) becomes available.

However, before all of those works can be published I should say that I will need to go back and update the three books available for sale. I am looking to add a few more poems to The Midnight Manifesto and The Dawn Dossier and I need to update my social media info on all three books. I also need to do a few edits to Living Through the Glass but nothing will be changed as it pertains to the overall story. I will make posts here about those updates as I complete all of those tasks.


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