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Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Power of Tweaking

I have to share this fractal simply because it is so awesome but I don't have much of a story behind it. Still I will share what went into the making of this fractal here. Maybe it will be a story or maybe it will just be a couple of short paragraphs.

If I told people that this was a splits-elliptic fractal the first thing they would probably ask is "what's a splits-elliptic fractal" I've hinted on my interest in these types of fractals in the past but for the most part those fractals all have that same generic look (HINT: The picture in the Echoes of Yesterday and the Get to the Part About the Art posts are splits-elliptic fractals. Also there are a few of them in my Bubblews posts).

After looking at those pictures and looking at this picture you might notice that they look nothing alike. That's mostly because there is more focus on the lines in this photo than the filling. That I am sure of. What I am not sure of is what caused me to want to change things in Apophysis to get this to happen. Because I did save the picture I can always go back and see what variables I used to get this exact design but if I had to tell someone how I did it without looking at the parameters then that would be virtually impossible. For now I will settle with just randomly happening upon this winged, rocker flower and simply leave it at that. It's a great fractal and it shows that sometimes you do have to change things up to end up with something cool.


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