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Monday, September 23, 2013

Living Through the Glass: A Note from the Author


This book is the culmination of years of daydreams. I don’t believe too many of my teachers, professors and bosses would have been pleased to know that I spent many hours out of the day lost in thought from crafting scenarios and doodling some of the characters in my stories. Perhaps one day I may share some of those sketches, as primitive as they may be, but for now I am simply sharing the story.

Living Through the Glass may be the beginning of the In Search of Infinity series but it is not the true beginning of this world (That will be shared at a later date). Originally, the main character in this story was to serve as the overall narrator for the entire series. However, I discovered though many agonizing hours of writer’s block that the story flowed best for me by taking on a more autobiographical tone. I felt that certain situations were best described by conveying the complexity of inner-thoughts and emotions and describing them from the perspective of an invisible third party was simply inadequate.

While the current plan for this series is 6 books, the sheer magnitude of characters (many of whom will be introduced in later stories, particularly the third and the fourth) may allow for some sort of unrelated expansion sometime down the road. Perhaps I will make that decision if it becomes necessary to do so. For now, I will simply continue to work on completing the rest of the series and I’ll be glad to answer questions about it here.

If you’re interested in purchasing this In Search of Infinity: Living Through the Glass, it is available for $2.99 USD or free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription at Amazon.


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