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Friday, September 6, 2013

Where To Find Me


I mentioned in my welcoming post that this blog would serve as a hub of sorts in bringing my endeavors together. This post is here to bring all of those outside sources to one place while also offering a few incentives for those who choose to pursue them. I may try to keep this post in an easily accessible location but if that doesn't happen then the links to the sites below will also be located on the sidebar. Before I get things started I will mention that in addition to this blog, I will be posting new things to my accounts on these other sites at least once per week.


The first place of course is my Tumblr page. I post a lot of my recent art work, currently fractal art created with Apophysis, there. Like this blog, my Tumblr page is also fairly new so there are quite a few things about it that I still need to get used to and hope to learn as time passes. So you can glance at my page, follow, reblog some of my posts and perhaps I'll do the same for you if it catches my eye.


Here I upload most of my large designs where they are available for download.  I'm not very much of a photographer or a vector artist so I'll probably shy away for from that for the time being and just stick with wallpaper uploads so if you like what you see then you can make an account and download to get your creative juices flowing. You can also make your own account if you're interested in sharing some of your own photos and art.


Some people love this place and other people hate it. I'm here because I think it's refreshing to be in a place where a good majority of the people are generally nice. Sure there may be people who like to gloss over the rules but that happens everywhere and it doesn't deter from my experience so if you like you can make an account, connect with me (my username is ldaniels) and sometimes I'll just post whatever I feel like writing about.


My last place is my Zazzle store. This is the place where I showcase a lot of my standalone designs on things. I'm sure by now you've noticed that I have an affinity for lots of bright colors on black backgrounds and this is the place where I like to bring some of the more eclectic  designs to the forefront. So of course take a glance at what's there and keep an eye out for new products in the future.


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