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Thursday, August 29, 2013


Hello all. I'd like to welcome you to my blog. Now I have never been good with introductions so I am just going to write and breathe a sigh of relief when I am done.

To get things started, I'll say that I can be a person of few words at times and at other times I can be a person of many words. I wouldn't call myself a writer and I also wouldn't call myself an artist. Art and writing are just two things that I often take comfort in doing and recently I have mustered up the courage to begin sharing those things with others. This blog is merely the place where I can bring those things together and to see where these things will lead me.

I can be described as shy and not very much of a social person. At the moment I do not maintain any social media accounts except for my Tumblr page and at the moment I am not particularly adamant in expanding beyond that. As for this blog, I will try my best to keep it regularly updated. My primary focus here will be my writing but there will be instances where I post some of my art. I will moderate comments but only to try to keep tabs on spam. I am not a stickler for foul language but I won't tolerate offensive comments. I am also not big on making sure that every post stays on topic so if there is ever a need to ask me a question then those questions can be asked here or on Tumblr and I will try to answer them. I suppose that is all I have to say for now so thank you for reading this and thank you for visiting.


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