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Monday, March 21, 2016

Omnipresent Omnibus: A Note from the Author


Today marks exactly three years since I published my very first book The Midnight Manifesto. It is my honor to present Omnipresent Omnibus: The Complete MINDS Poetry Collection.

In late 2014, I considered the prospect of an omnibus as a future endeavor. I was contemplating a decision to offer print copies of my work and I felt that the individual poetry books would be too short to make that a viable option. While I have decided against the print expansion for now, I still believe there is value in having an e-book compilation.

I have mentioned in previous posts that my poems are semi-biographical and that they tell a story. Now that the poems are together, I can describe this work as a modern coming-of-age journey through the late teen and early twenties years. For many, this is a highly fluid period of life and personal matters such as a battle with depression can complicate matters even further.

There are a few new poems in the book (all located in the front). I wanted them there to serve as an introduction. It is something that was missing from the individual books. Also, I placed the new poems in the front because I did not want to change the order of the original poems. The poems are placed in order for a reason and with them all being together, the transitions between the original books become seamless. For now, there are no more plans for me to write more poetry. I feel that more poems would fall victim to topical repetition. If I do write more poems, they will likely be added to my standalone title Lost Sunshine.

If you are interested in Omnipresent Omnibus: The Complete MINDS Poetry Collection, you can purchase it on Amazon for $2.99 or you can read it free with Kindle Unlimited.


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