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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Prisoner of Castigation: A Note from the Author


It took a long time for me to write Prisoner of Castigation and an even longer time to write this post.
I started writing Prisoner of Castigation while I was still in the process of writing Living Through the Glass. I put this book aside as I began to devote more time to Living Through the Glass.

Living Through the Glass, as I mentioned before, came from the desire of wanting to have the main character Chloe be the narrator for the whole series. Obviously, that didn't happen, but she is the narrator for all of the short stories in The Lost Stories series. I knew from the beginning that Norman would be main character for this book because he's the antagonist in Living Through the Glass and I wanted to tell a story from the perspective of a highly selfish and deranged character.

There are quite a few events in Prisoner of Castigation that mirror scenes in Living Through the Glass. Admittedly, I leaned heavily on making sure the scenery and the dialogue stayed exactly the same in both books while maintaining the different perspectives in each book. What makes Prisoner of Castigation different from Living Through the Glass is the interaction with other people.

Living Through the Glass is a closed story. There is very limited direct interaction between Chloe and other characters. That is far from the case in Prisoner of Castigation. Throughout the book, Norman comes in contact with people from all walks of life. His thoughts and actions are in a constant state of change because of those interactions.

Prisoner of Castigation can be read without reading Living Through the Glass and the short stories in The Lost Stories series. I will say that the short stories offer a lot of background for why Norman's upbringing is so tumultuous. As I move into working on the third book in the In Search of Infinity series, I am happy to say that I am looking forward to moving on into the next generation of this series.

If you are interested in Prisoner of Castigation, you can purchase a copy on Amazon for $2.99 or you can read it for free with Kindle Unlimited.


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