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Thursday, March 30, 2017

10 Q&A's About My Next Book

I had every intention of making a post like this a month ago. A long stretch of personal events slowed the entire thing up and I am just now getting back to trying to work a somewhat normal schedule. Today, I am finally ready to start talking about my newest project. I've decided to try something a little different by going about it in a Q&A format.
Question: What is your upcoming project?

Answer: My new project is another poetry book.

Question: How would you describe the book?

Answer: The best way to describe this book would be if I said I wrote a sequel to Lost Sunshine and The Inevitable Intermission and put the two together. It is a project that on the surface seems political, but manages to drift away from getting too deep in the partisan muck.

Question: Have you decided on a name for it yet?

Answer: I have settled on naming it Aftermath. I had a name in mind for the project as I was working on it, but as I looked for cover inspiration, nothing seemed to fit my original name. After that ordeal, I then wanted to name the book Aftermath of Consequence (the name of one of the poems in the book). Again, cover inspiration was hard to come by with a title like that. It was only a few short days ago that I came to the decision to shorten the name to Aftermath. I think it fits because it highlights the current climate of American society while also referencing its origins as the follow-up to Lost Sunshine.

Question: Is it finished yet?

Answer: Well, I have a cover, actually two covers (Leaning towards one over the other). Having a cover is my biggest sign to knowing that the end of the project is near.

If I were to judge its completion by the number of poems compared to my other poetry books, it would be considered finished. Personally, I don't feel as if I have finished it just yet. It's almost done, but inspiration can't be rushed or forced.

When is it coming out?

Answer: I wanted to have this book ready for release by late April. While that is still possible, I'm not entirely sure if that is probable. I do want to release this book sometime before the summer. Right now, only time and my health will determine if I can reach that goal.

Question: Where will I be able to get it from?

Answer: I have already decided to go wide with this release. I've enjoyed the feedback I've seen from Lost Sunshine on Smashwords and I think that going wide from the outset will be the best course of action for this book. It also coincides with my plans to reintroduce the five MINDS poetry books to wide release as well (The omnibus will remain exclusively in Kindle Unlimited while the individual books will return to other retailers throughout the month of April).

Question: When did you start working on the book?

Answer: I started working on the book last summer. There is a poem in there (One Year Later) that specifically addresses the original theme of the book. I worked on it sparingly over the summer and fall, but the bulk of the poems were written just days before and since the conclusion of the 2016 election. The evolution from another dark, vague poetry book to a societal observation is stark and it may take some more work on my end to make it flow as cohesively as my previous works.

Question: Is it a new series?

Answer: I don't look at this book as a part of a new series. There are some ties to Lost Sunshine, but both books can be read and enjoyed without needing to read the other. I never wrote Lost Sunshine with the intention of writing another poetry book in the future (The same could be said about how I felt after finishing The Sunset Script).

Question: Is it a personal project or is the subject matter more general?

Answer: This book started out as a personal project. It then evolved into something more general. As of late, I have gone back to touching my personal life. That makes this book no different from my other poetry books. My poems are and have always been a reflection of what I see, what I think and what I feel. Nothing has changed with this book.

Question: Where can I read a preview?

Answer: The largest preview is a post I put up months ago. After that, there are ten other previews on my Instagram page. I've decided to make it easy for you to see them here.

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