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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Poem: 11.09.16: Day of the National Hangover

This is a poem I wrote and posted to Instagram a few weeks ago. It is the longest poem I have ever written and it will be included in a new, untitled poetry project I'm working on.

Two prominent words racing through my mind

The emotions enveloping my heart

Blame is easy to pass around,
But why bother?
No one will stand up to accept it

Some will wonder and laugh at those who fear impending disaster
Others will rationalize that things may not be so bad
Some will live in denial
Some will let the anger manifest into an undisclosed form of action

But what no one will do,
What no one will ask,
Is how we got here
How we let things get so bad
How we let so many feel like an afterthought
Why will so many continue to feel this way?

Despondency is real
It feeds into anxiety
It breeds hopelessness

When the world lives in darkness
We can't get upset at those who seek the light
We can't shame those who walk towards the fire with no fear of getting burned

Despite what happened,
We all have to remember these things

You can't tell anyone how they are supposed to feel
You can't assume everyone is content with life
You can't surmise that your personal misery is worse than someone else's

Don't talk at people
Talk to them
Check your condescension

Remember that life isn't always fair
Recognize you can't always get your way
Remember that common sense and rational thought aren't always the same

Blind faith can go a long way
It can also get you nowhere
Someone is always going to feel like bad ideals were victorious
Someone is always going to feel like good intentions were dashed

The hate, anger and fear isn't going anywhere
It was never going to go away if certain outcomes were different
'Stupid' people are only 'stupid' when you don't agree with their reasoning

Trust is given away far too easily
Add admiration to that equation too

Division comes when people surround themselves with like-minded people
And then refuse to acknowledge another perspective
So where do we end up?

Living in a world where everyone wants to be right
Nobody wants to be wrong
Everybody wants to be heard
No one wants to listen to disagreement

The hopeful remain hopeful
The hopeless remain hopeless
A lot of people will feel ignored and left behind
A lot of people will actually be ignored and left behind

To that, I ask one final question
What exactly changed from yesterday to today?


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