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Monday, November 28, 2016

Plans for 2017

I've been quiet on this blog and on my social media, outside of my fractal posts on Instagram and Tumblr. I guess I should explain my absence.
November is generally a hectic month for me. This month was that and more. December will likely be slower, but I've fallen behind with my work here and I'll spend my time next month tying up loose ends and figuring out some long-term plans for next year.

In the short-term, my main focus will be completing and eventually releasing three new titles. The first one will be Monarch, the fifth short story in The Lost Stories series. The next one (and right now the closest of the three projects to completion) is a new poetry project. If I had to describe how it is shaping up, I would say it is a cross between Lost Sunshine and The Inevitable Intermission. In simpler terms, it is a dark take on the rise of social consciousness and issues affecting modern society. Finally, I am working hard to finish Destiny of Darkness, book #3 in the In Search of Infinity Series (Check the synopsis for Destiny of Darkness and Monarch here).

I am also mulling a decision to go wide with The MINDS series again. If I do that, only the omnibus will remain available with Kindle Unlimited. Right now, I'm leaning towards making that decision, but something could change my mind in a couple of weeks.


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