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Saturday, October 18, 2014

First Look: The Lost Stories Book 3 (Without Mercy)


As I'm preparing for the release of my new short story Encroachment, I think now is the appropriate time to look towards the future and start going over some details for book 3 in The Lost Stories series.

1. I am mulling over a couple of titles for this story. Currently I'm leaning towards going with the title Seeing Evil (Update 11/16/14: The official title for this story is Without Mercy).

2. I have some ideas in mind for a cover but I haven't started working on one yet. I will reveal the cover when I'm prepared to announce a release date.

3. The story is definitely longer than Ubiquitous Aspirations and it may also be a little bit longer than Encroachment. I haven't quite finished writing the story yet but I do know how it will end so I will be sure to have that done in the next week (Fun Fact: It took me exactly one week to write Ubiquitous Aspirations).

4. Like the first 2 short stories, this one focuses on one of The Elders from Living Through the Glass. Specifically the book is about the character Sunjata.

5. This story has no connections at all to Ubiquitous Aspirations. It does have a fairly strong tie towards an event occurring near the end of Encroachment but otherwise the stories don't overlap as this one is set way before the beginning of the first two stories and Living Through the Glass. This story is one that clearly defines the group dynamic of how The Elders work and associate with each other.

6. I do want to post an excerpt to this story (along with excerpts of the first 2 stories) on Goodreads before I release this story.

7. I'm going to attempt to release this story sometime in November before Thanksgiving. It too will be released on Amazon first but it will be released on the same day as the Smashwords versions of The Noon Notices and The Sunset Script.


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