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Friday, October 17, 2014

Encroachment Book Release Date

I revealed some details about this story a couple of weeks ago and now I am ready to officially announce the release date of book 2 in The Lost Stories series titled Encroachment.

Encroachment will be released Thursday, October 23rd exclusively to Amazon. I will be releasing the Smashwords copy of this book in January. On a related note, The Smashwords versions to The Noon Notices and The Sunset Script will both become available next month most likely on the 23rd because I have yet another announcement to make and I will address it in a post tomorrow.

In the meantime check out the official description to Encroachment and check back next week for my Note From the Author post on this story.

"Everybody wants to rule the world." To Manuel, no truer words have been spoken. As the feisty member of The Elders, Manuel is often chided for his hot temper and diplomatic incompetence. To prove his aptitude to his colleagues, Manuel executes a new type of social warfare to fulfill his wildest dreams, but will his reckless actions derail his chances at achieving his ultimate goal?


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