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Thursday, September 25, 2014

First Look: The Lost Stories Book 2


I have recently completed book 2 from The Lost Stories and now is the time for me to start revealing some details about it. I have several points below so I won't hesitate to get into them.
1. I have yet to decide on a title for the story and when I settle on one I will announce it.

2. I also haven't decided on a direction for a cover yet. Part of the reason is because I don't have a title yet.

3. Other than this being a fictional short story, I am not able to classify a secondary genre to it. The story has romantic elements but it is not a romantic short story.

4. The story should be a little bit longer than Ubiquitous Aspirations. I'm not sure how much longer it is because I have yet to type it up and edit it.

5. This story has no connection whatsoever to Ubiquitous Aspirations so one would not need to read that story to understand this one.

6. This story has very minimal connections to Living Through the Glass. The connection is so limited that it leads me to this next point.

7. I am planning on posting a free chapter of Living Through the Glass on my new Goodreads account. The reason for this is because There is a chapter (either the first or second one) where I describe the main characters of this story and Ubiquitous Aspirations so it is better to get that background information out of the way since it is my intention to center the first 5 books of The Lost Stories series around the characters described in that chapter.

8. I am aiming for a release sometime in October or November.


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