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Friday, November 21, 2014

Without Mercy Description + Free Preview

In advance of Sunday's release I am now giving you all the official description and a free excerpt (via Goodreads) on my newest short story Without Mercy.


Sunjata’s rise to the ranks of the five Elders of Cerebes was far from the most ideal. As a man who faced extreme adversity as a mortal, his life as a God offered the chance to make the world a better place. When Sunjata undertakes a research project, some wild misconceptions about his destiny sets the stage for a nightmarish showdown. Can Sunjata move beyond his judgmental ways and get back to his peaceful roots to save his colleagues or is the damage from his past actions too much to overcome?

One day while roaming through the compound a little boy about five years of age bumped into Oscar. The boy apologized and Oscar scolded him on needing to pay attention to where he was going. The boy hung his head in shame and tried to walk away but not before using the walls as his guide. The boy was Sunjata and right away his mother came looking for him. Oscar questioned the woman about her son and after much pressure the woman admitted her son was blind. Oscar was unhappy about this secret being kept from him and he wanted to punish Sunjata and his mother. Upon hearing the exchange, Sunjata's father tried to intervene to plead for their lives.
Oscar decided to show mercy but not without consequences. He wanted to test Sunjata because Sunjata struck him as being odd. Sunjata was quite a bit taller than the average boy his age but not freakishly so. He also appeared emaciated despite his parents' claims of providing regular nourishment. Most startling of all was Sunjata's eyes. They were an icy blue hue; a stark contrast to his darker features. His eyes were always open and it always appeared as if he were staring at something intently...(Continued at Goodreads)


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