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Monday, November 17, 2014

Black Friday 2014 Sale Coming Soon

Fun Fact: One of my poems from The Inevitable Intermission is titled Black Friday.

As you may have noticed I've spent the last couple of days making some changes and updates to this blog.

As I mentioned yesterday, the big news for the week without question is the release of my newest short story Without Mercy. Next week will also be the week where I release my final two poetry books The Noon Notices and The Sunset Script to Smashwords so if you prefer to get your books from Smashwords, Sony, Barnes & Noble or the Apple iTunes store, those books will become available to those outlets within the next 10 or so days.

That leads me to this one final but very important point. I'm planning a huge Black Friday blowout sale with 8 of my 9 titles going for a whopping 50-100% off (Without Mercy will not be included in the sale but if you're enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited program it will be free to download on Black Friday). Definitely check here or on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ on November 27th and 28th to get all of the details and coupon codes you will need to take advantage of this great deal.


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