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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Site Updates Complete


I am pleased to post that all of the updates pertaining to this new, updated blog design are now complete. The reason for the changes was to put a stronger focus on all of my projects and to make them all readily accessible through this blog.

I will mention that the book widgets on the sidebar and the bottom of this blog will not be visible if your adblock is enabled so I do humbly ask that you disable that feature in order to receive the full experience that is offered through this blog.

Looking ahead, I am going to make a post shortly about a new book series that I am working on. After a short hiatus I am continuing to work on book 2 of my In Search of Infinity novel series and I will also resume work on the final 2 books of The Minds series. I will be releasing more details and hopefully a few previews of all three of those books as I continue to work on completing those books.

While I work on my books I will be putting my art (namely the fractals) on the back-burner but I have a ton of fractals that I have never shared before so I will be posting those at will on Bubblews and Tumblr. I have also decided that I will likely slow down on putting new items in my Zazzle store but I may offer a new design on select products if the inspiration to do so strikes.


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