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Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Lost Stories: New Short Story Series


The Lost Stories series is an offshoot of the In Search of Infinity series. I have mentioned in previous posts that the character pool of the In Search of Infinity world is massive and while I have intentions on centering that series on six main characters, there are a myriad of other important characters that appear throughout the series with their own personal histories and connections with each other.
This series is to introduce the background of these other characters in a sequence of much shorter stories (typically in the area of 2500-5000 words) to fill in details either glossed over or purposely omitted from the main novels.

Unlike of the In Search of Infinity novels, which are all planned to be fairly rigid and dark in nature, the stories from this series will have a different focus. Many of the stories will focus on the dynamics of love and relationships while others will have a focus on different types of adversity and addressing the notion of imperfection in all aspects of life.

I have not yet settled on a title for the first book but I am getting closer to making that decision. I have also not yet decided whether I should publish these stories as I finish writing them or try to establish some sort of fluid timeline with them. It is my intention that the stories can be read and understood without needing to read most of the other stories but it would be beneficial to read the other stories as there will be recurring themes and characters in a great deal of them.

I have shared about all I am willing to share for now but I will make more updates as I settle on details.


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