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Monday, June 23, 2014

Ubiquitous Aspirations: A Note From the Author


I have talked about some things regarding this story in a previous post but now it is time to give Ubiquitous Aspirations its own post.
As I have mentioned before, this story has strong ties to Living Through the Glass and it also has connections to the upcoming second book (titled Prisoner of Castigation) of the In Search of Infinity series. I have also mentioned in the past that the story is narrated from the perspective of Living Through the Glass title character Chloe.

The story documents the bizarre and unconventional steps Chloe's father-figure Oscar takes to have a son (Norman). I could have easily taken the route of writing this story as a love story as a means to highlight a different side of Oscar's brash and surly personality, but that would not have been appropriate given his abrasive and downright violent nature in Living Through the Glass (and even more so in Prisoner of Castigation). I wanted this story to offer a little bit of insight into why he acts the way he does and how the events surrounding Norman's birth evolved his increasingly distressed outlook on life.

I felt beginning this short story series with Oscar was appropriate because he is the figurehead of Living Through the Glass and Prisoner of Castigation and it is my intention to have his origin story serve as a parallel of sorts for how I wish to end the In Search of Infinity Series. This story also ties up the final loose end as to what really happens to Oscar's character after the intense final showdown between Oscar and Norman in Living Through the Glass and Prisoner of Castigation.

At the moment, I can say that I have completed two other stories in The Lost Stories series but I am still in the process of deciding whether or not I should publish the stories in order as there are advantages and disadvantages to doing so. In some instances, the stories would allow me to establish and elaborate on plot points for future books in both The Lost Stories and In Search of Infinity series. However, the drawback would be that other stories would reveal spoilers concerning the fates of some existing characters. This is a dilemma I face especially in terms of this story because I have already written a sequel to this story, but it includes some major spoilers that extend well beyond the intended end of Prisoner of Castigation.

Getting back to Ubiquitous Aspirations and The Lost Stories series in general; I want to make it clear that the underlying theme of this story and most of the books in this series will be about the constructs of love, marriage and relationships whether they be familial, romantic or platonic. Other primary themes of the series will focus on either redemption or revenge as it pertains to either love or the main character's upbringing. It is not my intention to write a bunch of love stories with happy endings. To be honest, there are some stories where the endings are happy and there are others where the endings are not so great. In real life, not everyone has perfect relationships and not everyone is well-adjusted and without flaws. That is what I hope to highlight and I hope that this story serves as yet another building block to me getting to share this wonderfully expansive series with all of you.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of Ubiquitous Aspirations, it is available in all  for $0.99 USD or free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription at Amazon.


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