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Friday, May 23, 2014

The Inevitable Intermission: A Note from the Author


The Inevitable Intermission is an appropriate title to the events leading up to the birth of this book. This book was not a part of my plan originally. When I first published The Midnight Manifesto, I had only planned on writing 4 poetry books. After that book, I knew right away that The Dawn Dossier was the next natural step. When I published The Dawn Dossier, I still had the idea to do two more books but I felt as if half of the poems I had written for them didn’t fit well in either book.

In the meantime, I had fallen into a pretty deep stretch of writer’s block over the fall and early winter. I stopped writing on all of my stories for months and I spent a great deal of that time on the internet lurking various message boards and forums. From there, I witnessed a lot of things. The desire for fame extended beyond celebrities. Yes there are people on television who have done and will do anything for fame, but I noticed this trend taking root with everyday people. There has never been a shortage of this, but the advent of social media has made this easier and it has also opened the door to the less desirable side of fame and notoriety. The break from writing, along with this complete disillusion of the things I had come to witness, created a spark in me that brought me back into writing. From there, The Inevitable Intermission was born. It represents the break from writing that could not be avoided and the link between what I had published and what I still plan to publish in its own appropriate place.

Having spent the last 7 years of my life as an anonymous, small-time television blogger, The Inevitable Intermission is a book I have always wanted to write but have never been able to put into words until now. Those who know me quite well know my feelings about how fame is a big display of smoke and mirrors and how one can spot signs to detect when disingenuous actions are in play. This book represents a deviation from my traditional style of writing. Most of my writing is done without general forethought and planning and often times comes off as ranting, but this book has always been planned. It was always meant to explore less tangible compulsions and addictions as it pertains to modern society and how we view and consume the things around us. As is the case with The Midnight Manifesto and The Dawn Dossier, this book does contain a few poems about my life experiences, but the overall story does not represent my life in any way.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of The Inevitable Intermission, it is on sale for $0.99 USD or free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription at Amazon.


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