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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Lost Sunshine: A Note from the Author


I should have written this months ago but I had trouble finding the right words to say. Perhaps it would be easier if I went into the origins of how Lost Sunshine came to be.

After I published The Sunset Script in 2014, I reached a place where I felt that I no longer felt the need to write freehand poetry. The Sunset Script felt like the final completion to an experimental project I spent three years working on. For months, I did not write poetry. I wanted to devote my time to fiction writing and for a time, I was able to do just that.

The new year (2015) had arrived and with it came a series of dark personal events. Those events proved to be so troubling that for a while, I returned to the refuge of poetry to try to make sense of what was going on around me. That is how Lost Sunshine came to be.

As I continued to write poetry, my personal life continued to wander down a very dark path. I realized I had amassed thirty new poems and I pulled them together, made a cover and published the book without fanfare (hence my long hiatus from updating this blog). After I published this book, the rest of the year came and went and I lost the will to do anything. Up until a few weeks ago, I could not muster up the ability to write a singular line of prose and it hit me that I was going through exactly what this book is about.

There are not many words to describe Lost Sunshine. It truly is an collection of poems that haphazardly come together to paint a picture of what it is like to reach emotional rock-bottom. I made the decision not to include this book as a part of the MINDS series primarily because I feel like the set is already complete. This book stands alone and I would like to keep it that way just in case I decide to add anything to it in the future.

If you're interested in Lost Sunshine, you can purchase it at the retailer of your choice for free.


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