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Monday, April 21, 2014

New Site Design


As you can see, I have completely redesigned the site thanks to this wonderful template from BTemplates. Of course I still have quite a few things to work out but bear with me because I am not the most proficient person when it comes to using html and it's a learning process for me. 

Some changes that I am aiming to complete with this new design is to try to incorporate some widgets from Amazon and Zazzle but I may not get around to that right away. I will have it done as soon as I am able to but I am very pressed for time and trying to stick to some personal deadlines which does include publishing new books.

 I am likely going to redesign my Tumblr page as well. I will for sure update the header but I may make some changes to the background image and perhaps the layout. For now that is only an idea and nothing is set in stone about that quite yet. Well that is all for now. Keep an eye out for my social media pages, particularly Instagram because I will be revealing the cover for my next poetry book The Inevitable Intermission very soon. Also keep an eye on my Pinterest page because I will be pinning the cover photo I will be using for Prisoner of Castigation.


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