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Friday, February 6, 2015

February News and Notes

A new month brings new news and updates to discuss so I won't waste any time getting right to them.

New Updates:
I've updated the book listing area of my blog. It is located here and there you will be able to find all of the online retailers where my books are available for purchase and a short description about each book. Of course I will update it as I publish new titles, expand distribution channels for my currently existing titles and add free previews of my titles to Wattpad.

Another new addition to the blog is wallpapers. They are located here and you will find nine different sizes of my book themed wallpapers. The wallpapers are free to download if you choose to use or share them. I will be adding to them as I make more wallpapers.

On Without Mercy:

My third short story Without Mercy will be available for expanded e-book release beginning February 23rd. Similar to Encroachment last month, the price of the short story will also be permanently reduced to $0.99.

On In Search of Infinity: Living Through the Glass:

I recently made a very minor change to the cover of In Search of Infinity: Living Through the Glass. I have begun the process of updating the places where my covers are shown online but I don't have control over everything so there will be some places where the old cover will be in circulation for a while (Fun Fact: This is actually the fourth different cover I've made for this particular book).

On In Search of Infinity: Prisoner of Castigation:

Speaking of covers, I have already created the cover for my second novel In Search of Infinity: Prisoner of Castigation. I will be revealing the cover very soon because I am working hard to have this book ready for release sometime in the next 6-8 weeks.


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