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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Filling In the Holes


So I’m back after practically taking a week off for the holiday. It was not my honest intention to take off but family comes first and holidays are always hectic. It is always a little difficult for me to get back into a good routine after a holiday but I am hoping this blog post will be well on the way to helping me get there.

First I’ll start with a couple of updates.

I have been working on my second book to my In Search of Infinity series. I am nowhere near close to coming up with a title of the book so that will have to wait but I will reveal that the second book focuses on a main character from the first book. If you read the book it will be quite obvious who will be the focal point of the second book but I will also say that it will not be completely necessary to read the first book to be able to follow the second one. That is my intention and right now I am aiming to have the book done and available for sale by next spring.

I am also pondering adding another poetry book to my collection. Originally I had only planned to publish four poetry books (The Midnight Manifesto and The Dawn Dossier being the first two) but I’ve given heavy consideration to adding a fifth and the poems I’ve written lately appear to be leaning in that direction. If all goes well the next poetry book should also be completed by the spring.

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