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Friday, June 3, 2016

June 2016 News and Notes


I have several things to highlight this month, so I will get right to them.

  • I've been making a few cosmetic updates to my books. You may have noticed that I made new covers to all of the books in The MINDS Series. I've also made changes to the back-matter, mostly to include references to Omnipresent Omnibus and Forsaken Soul. Also, I'm doing light editing and formatting. I've completed this task for every book except for the two novels. I will be getting to those later this month.
  • I've been posting fractals like crazy on Tumblr and Instagram. I've also added a new board on Pinterest which contains all of the fractals I've posted thus far. Follow me. I don't bite, spam and I may follow back sometimes.
  • I'm going to resurrect my Wattpad account. I opened it up last year and I've since neglected it. Not anymore. I'm going to publish a brand new poetry book on it. Think of it as the sequel to Lost Sunshine. It will be a work in progress and the first poem will go live as soon as I settle on a title and a cover for the book.
  • Like getting updates on sales and new releases? Follow me on Book Sprout. It's a brand new app that allows users to follow authors and get updates on sales and new releases directly to their mobile device.
  • Book 5 of The Lost Stories series is coming along. I don't know when I will be ready to publish it yet.
  • I'm in the very early stages of plotting out book 6 of The Lost Stories Series. The only thing I am prepared to share is that unlike the first 5 short stories, the lead character(s) will be female.
  • The Lost Stories will be getting its own omnibus series. The first one will come out sometime after I publish The Lost Stories #5. The working title is The Fall of The Elders.
  • The rest of the month will be spent with me preparing for the release of Forsaken Soul. It will be out June 23rd!


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