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Monday, May 23, 2016

The Lost Stories 4 Full Reveal


A few weeks ago, I gave you guys the description. Now, it's time to reveal the rest.


-Forsaken Soul-

Up until the last month, the working title for this story was Forgotten Legacy. That name just refused to stick for me. Many sleepless nights and one cover inspiration later, I settled on Forsaken Soul. I think it fits and I'm happy with it.

Release Date:

-June 23rd, 2016-

Yes, I have a thing with choosing the 23rd as a release date. It's a personal thing and I have no reason to change that anytime soon. The important thing is that my next short story will be up for sale exactly one month from today.


This too was another last minute alteration that fell into place. My initial focus was to try to highlight the image of a waterfall. While I found a couple of possible contenders, they just didn't work for me. In the end, I just had to go with my gut of trying to highlight that this is a dark short story and I felt the cover should reflect that.


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